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Tardiness & Early Dismissal

Tardiness: Punctuality is very important. Each student is expected to be in his/her assigned location throughout the school day. If a student is late in arriving at school, s/he must physically be walked in by the parent/guardian and signed in at the office. If a note is brought to the office on the day of or the day following the tardiness, the tardiness will be excused for personal illness, medical appointments with a doctor’s note, family or home emergency, severe weather, and other as approved by the principal.

Excessive Tardiness: Chronic tardiness is unacceptable. A student is considered a chronic truant if they are tardy without legitimate excuse for five or more consecutive school days, seven or more days in a month, or twelve or more days in a school year.

Excusable, Approved Absences (per Ohio Revised Code): Personal illness, family illness, quarantine of the home, death of a relative, funerals or weddings, observance of a religious holiday. Exceptional cases as in the judgment of the principal constitutes a good and sufficient cause for absence from school such as conventions, court, 4-H at fairs or other activities of a school nature, and approved family vacations. An excused absence allows a student to make up all possible work. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain missed assignments. It is possible that certain kinds of schoolwork such as labs or skill-practice sessions cannot be made up and, as a result may negatively impact a student’s grade. The skipping of classes or any part of the school day is considered an unexcused absence and no make up work will be permitted. Disciplinary action will follow. 

Excusable, Non-Approved Absence: If a student is absent from school because of suspension, the absence will not be considered a truancy, and s/he may be given the opportunity to make up the school work that is missed. (1st Out-Of-School Suspension Only)

Unexcused, Non-Approved Absences: Any student who is absent from school for all or any part of the day without a legitimate excuse shall be considered truant and the student and his/her parents shall be subject to the truancy laws of the state. The following are some, but not all, reasons for unexcused absences: tardy, unapproved vacations, oversleeping, car trouble, missing the school bus or ride to school, shopping. hair appointment, and early dismissals. No credit shall be given for any school work not completed as a result of truancy. Once a student has 5 days of unauthorized absences, the student may be referred to the county attendance officer. NOTE: A student may not attend after school or evening functions if he/she has been absent that day. A student is considered a habitual truant if s/he is absent without legitimate excuse for five or more consecutive school days, seven or more days in a month, or twelve or more school days in a school year. 

EARLY DISMISSAL: If a student needs to be dismissed from school before the end of the school day, s/he must:

·          Have a written request from his/her parent/guardian stating the reason for the early dismissal

·          Parent/guardian must sign their child out in the office. 

·          Submit proper document as stated below the next school day

The following are the ONLY reasons for an excused early dismissal from school:

·          Doctor/Dentist appointment – you must provide a doctor’s note upon returning to school the following day

·          Going out of town – must be approved in advance

·          Court/court related matter – must provide a related court document

·          Emergency circumstances – must provide a parent note

Failure to provide the required note may result in an unexcused dismissal. 

Unexcused early dismissals:   The following are some, but not all, reasons for unexcused early dismissals: avoiding traffic, shopping, hair appointments, and unapproved vacations. Unexcused early dismissals are considered partial day absences and can be counted as truancy. Excessive dismissals may result in a referral to the county attendance officer


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