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Dear Parents and Community Members,
It’s hard to believe that after nearly 164 days without students in our building some sort of normalcy to our lives is going to be restored.  Albeit, a small piece, but it is a piece.  After 27 years in the field, I still find myself with the same feeling of hopeful anticipation that every new school year brings.  The anticipation of a clean start to the year fills the air as the students enter on the first day.  That is why I find this field so rewarding.  There is always an air of hope.

This year promises to bring us many challenges.   But with many challenges come many opportunities.  Our students always step up when faced with new challenges.  This year will be no different.  The way students came through for us at the end of last year is nothing short of astounding.  Our families have always backed our schools and have always supported their children.   This is what makes Canal Winchester Local Schools such a special place.

The COVID Pandemic has created a scheduling challenge that we are going to turn into a learning opportunity.  School-Based students with last names A-K will be on an A schedule.  Students with last names L-Z will be on a B schedule.  As it stands right now our rotation is AA, BB.  Meaning, students with last names A-K (A group) will come to school on Monday’s and Tuesday’s.  Wednesday’s students will not come to school because our custodial staff will be deep cleaning the building.  Thursday’s and Friday’s of each week will be our students with last names L-Z (B group).   However, the first six days of school will look a little different.  Wednesday, September 2, will be designated as a freshmen only day. Thursday, September 3, will be for all A group students and Friday, September 4, will be for all B group students.

This year the high school will dismiss at 1:45pm.  The City of Canal Winchester has asked that we try and help keep cars off of Washington Street in the afternoon when we dismiss.  With our new addition came a lot more sidewalk area on the south side of our building.  We are asking that cars lining up to pick-up students in the afternoon go all the way to the south-west end of our building (where the sidewalk ends).  Upon picking up your student we are asking that you exit onto Dietz Drive.  Exiting onto Washington Street will be prohibited to allow our buses easier access onto Washington Street keeping cars from being backed-up.

Our Resource Officer, Deputy Gary West, wanted me to remind students that there is a city ordinance that prohibits cell phone use while driving.  This is both texting and talking on your cell phone while driving.  He has been told that this is going to be more of a focus with young driver’s this year.  Please be mindful of this ordinance to keep yourself safe, and others around you.
A reminder that if your son or daughter is wanting to switch from School-Based learning to CWOLA or visa-versa, they can make 
that request at the end of the first semester which ends on January 14, 2021.

The CORONA Virus has also created a no visitor rule.   As a school we must contact trace at all times in the event that we have a COVID outbreak.  Having said that, we can not allow visitors in our building who have not previously set up an appointment with one of our school personnel.   Please do not show up to the school without a previously scheduled appointment, or we will unfortunately not be able to let you enter.

In light of all the changes I am still excited to be back.   After two years of construction our building looks amazing and our teachers are ready to have students back in their rooms.  If your son or daughter has chosen our CWOLA option we have two teachers per subject that are ready to assist them any period of the day.  There are endless possibilities for success and I look forward to sharing in the excitement that these successes bring to all involved.  I hope that you will be a part of this positive journey as well.
Kirk Henderson

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Kirk Henderson
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