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Dear Parents and Community Members,

I am thrilled to introduce myself to the Canal Winchester community. I am very grateful for the opportunity to lead as principal of Canal Winchester High School. I am a passionate leader who will work hard to ensure the very best environment for your students to learn and grow. I look forward to building relationships within the community, with parents and students. 

I grew up watching Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting. I sat in awe listening to him weave his words as his brush struck the canvas, purposeful and planned. As he pushed and pulled the paint to mix color, he told the story on his canvas. And sometimes, his strokes didn’t go as planned. He smiled, content with the beauty found upon his happy accident. Throughout the challenges of working from home, my husband in the dining room working, creatively entertaining two boys under the age of 6, I found myself more overwhelmed than I ever had felt before. One day, I happened upon The Joy of Painting on the home screen of my smart TV. I was transported to far simpler times, and this moment provided perspective. We can find beauty and happiness in times of adversity. We can create something even better than we imagined when our plans are disrupted. 

While navigating a global pandemic, we as educators have had to be more creative and more resourceful than ever before. We have increased collaboration and found ways to offer opportunities for our students to learn and connect. As we move beyond the challenges of the past year and a half, I am thrilled to welcome students back to the building with a renewed sense of hope. We’ve overcome adversity and been tested beyond what we have ever before.  We must continue to work to provide connection and build community to support each and every student at CWHS. 

Each member of the CWHS community plays a vital role in developing community and school culture. The choices we make, the words we choose, the behaviors we permit. We must work together to amplify our voices, to listen intently, to build empathy, and redefine and rebuild the connections within our community.  Our stories intertwine to tell our collective story. Each story matters. I look forward to empowering all students to share their voices to help build the community we are responsible for building each and every day, in the halls, on the fields and stage. We have the power to build the community we all deserve. 

CWHS will be introducing students to the Portrait of a Graduate this school year and celebrating students as they paint their own portrait, taking steps to grow in these competency areas. The portrait describes the skills, attributes, and character traits we believe our students need for life beyond graduation. Our goal is to develop the whole child: Academically, mentally, socially, and behaviorally. The 6 themes are focused on: In no particular order, all are important:

1.    Respectful Citizens

2.    Problem Solver

3.    Self-Aware Individuals

4.    Responsible Learners

5.    Collaborators

6.    Communicators

Please review the link below to read more about Portrait of a Graduate competencies.


We believe wholeheartedly that by supporting students to build their competencies in these areas will empower them to find their E, to be ready for Employment, Enrollment, or Enlistment. 


I am thrilled to lead the CWHS community and look forward to a successful year! Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. 



Amy Warren


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Amy Warren
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