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School Closings and Delays

Sometimes, things like bad weather might mean we need to close or delay the start of school. Canal Winchester Schools will try to decide this as fast as we can. Once we know what's going to happen, we'll let families, staff, and students know right away.

Our school district has a system called ParentSquare that can make phone calls, send emails, and text families to let them know if school is canceled, delayed, or if we need to let out early. We also post on our social media channels and our district website at

Even though we use lots of tech to let everyone know what's happening, sometimes things don't always work perfectly. A phone call might end up in voicemail, a text might be late, or we might not have the right contact information for you. If you're ever unsure about school being canceled or delayed, you can always look on the district's website.

It's really important that your phone numbers are correct in the PowerSchool forms. If you need to change any information, you just have to log into your PowerSchool account, make your changes in the #3 Contact Form, and submit it back to the district.

If we have to start school late, let out early, or cancel school for the day, here's what you can expect:

  • Two (2) Hour Delay - Everything at school and bus stop times will start 2 hours later. (For example, if your bus usually comes at 8:15 AM, with a 2-hour delay, it'll come at 10:15 AM.) You can find the full schedule for your building here.
  • Early Dismissal – If we have to let you out early because of bad weather, all after-school activities will be canceled. Only high school activities that start at 6:00 p.m. or later might still happen if the weather is okay and the high school principal and superintendent say it's safe.
  • Cancellation of the School Day – Whether or not evening school activities happen will be decided by the building principal and superintendent.
  • Remember, if school is closed or we have to let you out early because of bad weather, there won't be any CW Recreation practices or games.