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Bus Stop Information

Our students' safety is our top priority, and we carefully select school bus stop locations to keep everyone safe and help our routes run smoothly. When choosing these stops, we take various factors into consideration:

  • We avoid areas with potential road hazards, such as steep hills, dangerous intersections, narrow bridges, and poor visibility.
  • Bus turnarounds are selected to be safe and suitable in all weather conditions.
  • We aim to load and drop off students at points where they don't need to cross busy roads, hills, or obstructions to reach their homes.
  • We plan routes to keep students' ride times reasonable, usually no more than one hour to or from school.
  • We carefully consider the number of stops on each route.
  • Whenever possible, we avoid making stops on steep hills.
    • If necessary, stops are made while the bus is traveling downhill, and we ensure there are pull-off areas or School Bus Safety signs.
  • We strive to minimize duplication and unnecessary mileage.
  • We follow our policy so that students are transported equitably and consistently within specified minimum and maximum distances.
  • We maintain flexibility to handle unforeseen circumstances.

Ohio law says that students in kindergarten through 8th grade may be required to walk up to ½ mile to a designated bus stop. Rest assured, we put great thought into the safety and convenience of our bus stop locations to provide the best possible transportation experience for all our students.

Open Enrollment

For open-enrolled students from other districts, parents are generally responsible for providing transportation to and from school.

If you have a question about transportation for open-enrolled students, please contact our Transportation Department at or (614) 833-2164.

Helpful Bus Stop Info

  • All bus stops are located inside Canal Winchester Local District boundaries.
  • Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus.
    • If necessary, parents can designate different pick-up and drop-off spots for the morning and afternoon, for example morning pick-up at home and afternoon drop-off at a childcare provider.
    • To keep our bus riders safe, we cannot accommodate more complicated transportation schedule changes, for example different schedules based on the day of the week.
  • For special circumstances (e.g., court-ordered parenting), contact us at or (614) 833-2164.
  • We can only drop students off at a supervised location. That means:
    • There's a responsible person who is ready to take responsibility for your student
    • The residence is in the district and within walking distance of the bus stop
    • The student will have access to get inside the residence
  • We prioritize safety and efficiency for all students. Questions? Reach out, we're here to help!