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Meeting Ohio's Dyslexia Laws

Ohio lawmakers in the 133rd Ohio General Assembly passed new rules to strengthen support for learners with dyslexia. These laws implemented several strategies, including:

  • the formation of the Ohio Dyslexia Committee;

  • teacher professional development for identifying dyslexia and instructing students with dyslexia;

  • dyslexia screening measures; and

  • a structured literacy certification process for teachers.

Portions of these requirements go into effect during the 2023-2024 school year. You can read more about the Ohio dyslexia laws in Ohio Revised Code Sections 3323.25, 3323.251, 3319.077, and 3319.078, or on the Ohio Department of Education website.

Here is how Canal Winchester Schools is meeting all four components of the Dyslexia Laws:

I. Screening and Progress Monitoring

Ohio Revised Code Section 3323.251 requires schools to:

  • Screen all students in grades K-3 using a Tier 1 dyslexia screener

  • Screen students in grades 4-6 using a Tier 1 dyslexia screener if their parent, guardian, or teacher (with parent’s permission) requests it

  • If a student is determined to be at risk from the Tier I screener, the student’s progress will be monitored by school staff for up to six weeks

    • Students who don’t show progress in that time will be administered a tier II dyslexia screening measure

At Canal Winchester Schools, we will complete this requirement by:

  • Using a Tier 1 Dyslexia Screener (Process of screening)

  • Using a Tier 2 Intervention Benchmark Screener

II. Teacher Professional Development

Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.077 requires schools to:

  • Train teachers using professional development that is evidence-based and provides instruction and training for identifying characteristics of dyslexia and using the best methods for teaching students with dyslexia.

  • The Ohio Revised Code timeline for this training is:

    • 2023-2024 - all K and 1st grade teachers

    • 2024-2025 - all 2nd and 3rd-grade teachers

    • 2025-2026 - all 4th-12th grade intervention teachers

At Canal Winchester Schools, we will complete this requirement by:

  • Provide professional development for teachers in the LETRS program

  • As of the 2023-2024 school year, all kindergarten through 3rd grade Canal Winchester teachers are LETRS trained. The Canal Winchester Schools timeline for completing this training is:

    • 2021-2022: All 2nd grade teachers LETRS trained

    • 2022-2023: All K, 1st, and 3rd grade teachers LETRS trained

    • 2023-2024: All intervention specialists grades 4-5 LETRS trained

    • 2023-2025: All intervention specialists grades 6-8 LETRS trained or completion of the Ohio Department of Education’s Introduction to Dyslexia for Grades 4-12 course

III. Communication with Parents, Guardians, and Custodians

 Ohio Revised Code Section 3323.251 requires schools to:

  • Notify families if their student is determined to be at risk from the Tier 1 dyslexia screener

  • Notify families of students who are progress-monitored and don’t demonstrate progress within six weeks that their students will be given the Tier 2 intervention-based diagnostic assessment.

  • Provide results from the Tier 2 screening measure to families 30 days after administration.

  • If a student demonstrates markers for dyslexia, the school must provide a written explanation about the school's structured literacy program to the student’s family.

At Canal Winchester Schools, we will complete this requirement by:

Notifying families in writing if:

  • Their student is determined to be at risk from the Tier 1 screener

  • Their student will be given the Tier 2 screener after progress monitoring

  • Sending families the results of the Tier 2 screening measure within 30 days of screening

  • Provide resources for families on dyslexia and structured literacy. This information will be included in screener notification letters.

IV. Structured Literacy Certification Process

Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.078 requires schools to:

  • Create a process for kindergarten through 3rd-grade teachers to earn certification in structured literacy.

At Canal Winchester Schools, we will complete this requirement by:

  • As of the 2023-2024 school year, all kindergarten through 3rd grade CW Schools teachers have completed structured literacy certification.

  • Continuing to offer a year-long LETRS training, facilitated by a CW staff member, to any new K-3 teachers

Learning challenges can be difficult for students and families; Canal Winchester Schools is here to help! The dyslexia laws help us find out when students need different strategies to learn so we can get support in place and help them reach their full learning potential. Reach out to your child’s teacher to learn more about your child’s progress and what the school can do to support you. Below are some additional resources to help you learn more:


What is Dyslexia?

Ohio law defines dyslexia as a specific learning disorder that is neurological in origin, which means it originates in the brain. Dyslexia is characterized by unexpected difficulties with accurate or fluent word recognition and poor spelling and decoding abilities not consistent with a person's intelligence, motivation, and sensory capabilities.

Dyslexia is a neurological condition where individuals experience challenges in reading and interpreting words, letters, and symbols. It's not about intelligence or effort; it's simply a different way the brain processes written information. With appropriate strategies and support, those with dyslexia can achieve success in reading and other academic areas.

As part of this statewide effort to support students with dyslexia, Canal Winchester Schools will screen grades K-3 students for characteristics of dyslexia. The determination of “at risk” by a dyslexia screener is not a diagnosis.