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Preschool Student Eligibility

The primary goal of the Canal Winchester Local Schools Preschool program is to identify preschool students with disabilities and provide them with the special education services they need. These services can be offered through various models and locations across our community.

Our program caters to preschool-age children with identified need for intervention, such as speech/language delays, fine/gross motor issues, and general developmental delays. These determinations are made after a thorough evaluation conducted by the school district. Students who qualify for these services can begin receiving them from the age of 3, as required by state and federal regulations. The best part is that there is no cost to parents for these special needs services.

If you have concerns about your child's development and would like to schedule a preschool evaluation, click here to apply.

We also have a Preschool Peer Model program, where children who are at least 4 years old, toilet-trained, and exhibit age-appropriate behavior and development can participate. To be eligible, the child must take part in a CW Preschool Child Check, which occurs approximately three times a year (fall, winter, and spring). For peer model preschool students, there is a tuition fee of $100 per month for nine months during the school year. It's important to note that parents are responsible for providing transportation for their peer model children. Click here to apply.

We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment for all our preschool students, and we are excited to work together with parents and children to ensure every child's growth and success.