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Facilities Use and Rentals

As a service to our community, Canal Winchester Schools offers some facilities for rent or use to individuals and organizations. Please review the following helpful  information before submitting a facilities use/rental request.

  • Unless otherwise stated, the facilities listed are the only facilities available for use and rent.
  • We do not offer other services like table and chair rental, etc.
  • A sound system and stage lighting are only offered at our Oley Speaks Auditorium.
  • An organization, even if it is not charged a facility rental fee, can still be charged for custodial and other services.
  • Priority is given to facility use by Canal Winchester Schools and Canal Winchester Joint Recreation District, a joint recreation programming district of Canal Winchester Schools and the City of Canal Winchester. Even once scheduled, a group can be “bumped” because a school or recreation group needs to use that facility.
      • This can happen especially in the winter when inclement weather can cause the cancelation and rescheduling of events 
  • Once you receive confirmation that your request has been received, you will still have to complete all requested information before rental requests will be approved and finalized.
  • Requests will be considered based on facility availability, prospective rental classification, and submitted documents.
  • Prospective renters will be notified of their approval or denial via email.
  • Additional requirements are listed at the end of this document.

Charges for School Facilities
Any group can be charged a fee for facility use based on whether they are Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3. 

  • Class 1 – These groups may use facilities for free. They include: Board of Education approved school groups, Scouting Organizations, clubs affiliated with 4H, the Canal Winchester Joint Recreation District, school-affiliated groups in support of Canal Winchester Local Schools, and any group who is entitled to free use by virtue of state or Federal Law.
  • Class 2 – Local Dance Studios, Local Wedding Receptions, Local Parties, Local non-profit organizations, Local Travel Sports Teams 
  • Class 3 – All other groups including for-profit businesses and non-local groups. This would also include non-local Travel Sports Teams not affiliated with the CWJRD or teams acting outside of their relationship with CWJRD.

If a group desires to be billed at the Class 2 rate, they must show proof of:

  • A W9 tax form and their 501 c(3) certificate that shows they are local; or
  • A list of group members where over half of the members live within the Canal Winchester Local Schools District.

Per Hour Charge for School Premises

Per Hour Personnel Costs

To Request the Use of a Facility

  • Facility requests should be made at least seven work days before the event. All facility requests must be made using our Reservation System here.

  • After logging in, click “Submit a request” and from there, you can fill out the needs of your group and you can check the availability of the location you wish to use. Upon completion of your facility request, you will receive an e-mail confirming your request. You will also be notified if your request has been approved or denied.
  • If approved, you will be emailed with an estimate of charges from the Facilities Department. Payment can be made with a check or money order mailed to:
    Canal Winchester Schools – c/o Lora Stevenson
    100 Washington Street
    Canal Winchester, OH 43110

Additional Information

  • School facilities are only available outside of school hours. All groups and/or individuals wanting to use school facilities must submit applications via the District’s online system. Depending on the request, a building administrator or designee, Athletic Director, Director of Student Services, or Director of Facilities may approve or deny a request. 

  • Facility requests must be completed by a responsible adult having the authority to represent the group and its activity, or by the individual requesting the use of the building. 
  • No group and/or individual is authorized to use the facilities until they receive an email indicating their request has been approved. Once a request is approved, access will be worked out, including alarm codes and keycards. 
  • Groups wishing to use a facility on a week-to-week basis over an extended period of time must work out specifics with the Director of Student Services or the Director of Facilities. 
  • Rental amounts for the use of a facility must be paid up-front and in full. Payment must be submitted no less than 14 days before the approved event or if there is a written agreement, by the date listed in the agreement. Lack of pre-payment will result in the cancelation of an approved use. 
  • When using a facility for a party, the adult representative who submits the application must be a current resident of the Canal Winchester Local School District. If there are two groups using facilities that are being supervised by one school employee, the full building rental fee will be charged to both groups. After reviewing the type of activity, the number of employees needed for supervision will be at the discretion of the Director of Facilities. 
  • Liability Insurance and Indemnification –Groups and individuals must have liability insurance that insures the group and names the Canal Winchester Local School District Board of Education as an additional insured. This proof of insurance MUST be presented and kept on file with the Treasurer or Director of Facilities prior to utilizing the Areas. The minimum acceptable limits of liability shall be $250,000 per occurrence. 
  • The Representative and each participant, jointly and severally, will indemnify, defend, and hold the Board, its members, employees, and agents harmless from any and all losses or damages affecting the Board or its Areas, and/or any and all claims and liabilities arising out of or related to use of the Areas by the Representative, the participants, or any unauthorized person attending the event or using the Areas during the rental period. This includes, but is not limited to claims and liabilities for negligence and strict liability in tort, and from all costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees incurred as a result of such claims or liabilities. Nothing herein shall eliminate, limit, or reduce any other immunity or defense that the Board, its members, or the school district’s employees may be entitled to under Chapter 2744 or any other provision of the Revised Code or under the common law of Ohio.
  • After an event, building users are required to return the premises in a condition equal or better than it was before it was used. Users will be responsible for property damages including plumbing issues. Anything broken, damaged or made inoperable must be repaired to a level that meets or exceeds the original condition.
  • Depending on the nature and size of the activity, individuals or groups might also be required to provide additional services such as a special duty police officer, site manager, multiple custodians, etc.
  • Anyone using our facilities must agree to follow all BOE policies related to facilities. This would include no alcohol or tobacco use, no illegal drug use, as well as following other policies. Policies can be found at