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Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Applications are accepted during the month of May. 

Open enrollment is for students who live outside our school district's borders. Our district, Canal Winchester School District, only takes applications during May. If you are interested in open enrollment at Canal Winchester Schools, it's important that you read our Open Enrollment policy. Under our policy, we are able to accept up to 100 students through open enrollment. Open enrollment acceptance is based on space available in our classrooms.

To apply for open enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year, please click here.

More Information

After May 31, we review all open enrollment applications received during the month of May. Families will be notified of open enrollment decisions by email by July 31.  You will receive an email either way and the email will let you know if your application was approved.

Please don't call the district office to ask about the student's status.

When we decide who gets in through Open Enrollment, we follow the admission priorities in our district policy. Decisions are not made on a first-come-first-served basis and we don't have a waiting list.

When you sign the open enrollment application, you acknowledge that you have read the district's open enrollment policy and know that you are responsible for your child's transportation to and from school.