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The CW Promise

The Canal Winchester Local School District shared the CW Promise, a strategic plan for the 2023-2024 school year, at the Board of Education Meeting on Monday, May 15.
"This is more than a plan - it's a promise," said Superintendent Kiya Hunt. "This is our promise to our students, our families, our community, and our staff about the work we are going to do for the next year and the areas where we will focus our attention and resources."
The Canal Winchester Promise covers the district's four focus areas:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Safety and Wellness
  • School Culture
  • Operations

Within each focus area are pillars, selected by the Canal Winchester community in the 2022 Your Schools Your Voice survey. The survey will be conducted each fall moving forward to measure the progress made on the CW Promise and identify new areas to focus on in the future.
The pillars are:

  • Teaching and Learning: Hands-On Learning, Real-World Experiences, Student Engagement, Teacher Quality
  • Safety and Wellness: First Responder Partnerships, Mental Health Services, Secure Facilities, Student Expectations and Consequences, Training and Drills
  • School Culture: Communications, Diversity and Equity, Employee Morale, Relationships and Connections
  • Operations: Facilities Planning for the Future, Finances, Staff Recruitment and Retention, Transportation

Each pillar includes a broad goal of what the district wants to accomplish, a measurable objective to chart progress, overall strategies to reach the goal, and tactics, or specific action items to complete.