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Rocketry Club

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Steven Cvetanovich

This Rocketry Club built and launched a rocket for the American Rocketry Challenge. They competed against almost 1,000 teams across the country. The team was tasked with constructing a rocket that met specific design criteria. These included launching the rocket exactly 820ft, having a flight time between 43 and 46 seconds, being made of two different sized body tubes,  and protecting an egg payload.

 Throughout the spring we met to design our rocket using design software and flight simulations and then began construction to bring that vision to life. Over spring break the group was able to successfully launch the rocket 6 times. Their best launch went 831 feet and had a launch time of 37.04s and received a score of 34.76. The top 100 teams qualified for nationals with a flight score of 32.12, so our team was not far off the mark. 

We look forward to taking what we learned from this year's contest and improving our results next year! If you're interested in being a part of the team in the future look out for announcements next fall or come see Mr. Graham in 276W