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Welcome to Preschool!

It is the philosophy of the Canal Winchester Local School District Preschool Program to assist Preschool children in developing cognitive, communication, pre-academic, social and emotional, play and motor skills.  

Our program is designed to help each student develop curiosity and initiative to learn, independence, and a positive self-image.  Classroom teams are dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children to be able to interact with peers, adults, and materials to achieve individual goals and objectives.  Recognizing the diversity of our student’s abilities, interests and cultural backgrounds, our preschool program provides varied experiences to enhance their learning experience.

We believe that children develop their understanding of the world through interaction with people, materials and concepts. 

Our classroom staff facilitates each child’s discovery of the world by creating opportunities that enhance this exploration through the use of appropriate materials, planned spaces, teacher guided lessons, play opportunities, and a consistent daily routine.

We believe that all children develop a greater understanding of their world when given the opportunity to interact with peers who are at various developmental levels within the school community.  Our Preschool classrooms provide children with special needs with peer models who exhibit age appropriate social and communication skills.

We believe family is the child’s most important teacher.  Family support is provided through ongoing communication between staff and parent, daily sheets, and parent/teacher conferences.

Preschool Student Information:

The Canal Winchester Local Schools Preschool program primary objective is to identify preschool students with disabilities and provide them with the special education services that they need. These special education services can be provided through a variety of models and in a number of locations across our community.

Our program serves preschool-age children with Special Needs (i.e. speech/language delays, fine/gross motor problems, and/or general developmental delays, etc.) as determined by a comprehensive evaluation completed by the school district.  These students are eligible for services beginning at age 3 (per state & federal requirements).  There is no cost to the parent if a student qualifies for special needs services. 

Preschool Peer Models - A peer model must be at least 4 years of age, toilet-trained, and demonstrate age-appropriate behavior and development. To be eligible for the peer model program, the child must participate in a CW Preschool Child Check. Child Checks are held approximately three times per school year, in the fall, winter, and spring. There is tuition of $100 per month (9 months per school year) for peer model preschool students. Parents must provide transportation for peer models.

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