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Families make the difference!  Parents, step-parents, grandparents, all family members can have a significant effect on their student’s education.  There are hundreds of studies showing that family involvement is a good thing!  Some of those positive results are:

  • Grades go up
  • Behavior improves
  • Test scores rise
  • Attendance is better

Now, being involved doesn’t mean you have to volunteer all your time at school.  There are simple things you can do at home, at your own convenience, that make a considerable difference.  These suggestions are for all age students not just elementary students.  A crucial time of support from families happens during the middle school and high school years.  Although students are becoming more independent at that time, they still need to know they have support.  Some simple suggestions are:

  • Ask “What happened at school today?” showing you are interested whether the issue is academic or social.
  • Communicating with the teacher or school through emails, phone calls and parent/teacher conferences.
  • Checking the school website for information, news, events, and parent resources. The easiest most convenient way to know what is going on.
  • Let your student know education is a valuable thing and you value it as well.


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