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CWOLA Grades 6-12

CWOLA Information for Grades 6-12

Canal Winchester Online Learning Academy (CWOLA) 

Information and Student and Parent Expectations 

Grades 6-12 

CWOLA families 6-12 should have received an email from Edmentum inviting you to “Family Sensei” which includes instructions and a custom link to register. Upon registration, you will have access to Learner Progress details for all your associated students.

If you did not receive an email Invitation please email Joe Arndt (jarndt@cwls.us) with student’s name, grade AND the email you would like associated with the student in order to receive reports. Here is a helpful sheet on the Edmentum Reports Edmentum Sensei for Families

         CWOLA 6-12 October  Please Read  CWOLA UPDATE CLICK HERE.pdf    

High School Contacts: 

CWOLA Principal: Greg Lahr (glahr@cwls.us) 

CWOLA Support Counselor: Joe Arndt (jarndt@cwls.us 

CWOLA Academic Counselors: 

  • Nicole Duffy (nduffy@cwls.us) last name O-Z (also Counselor in charge of AP) 

  • Deidra Muse (dmuse@cwls.us) CCP Counselor first semester 

CWOLA Special Education Liaison: Tim Kovacs (tkovacs@cwls.us) 

CWOLA ELL Liaison: Megan DeHays (mdehays@cwls.us) 


Middle School Contacts: 

CWOLA Principal: Daniel Senu-Oke (dsenuoke@cwls.us) 

CWOLA Support Counselor: Joe Arndt (jarndt@cwls.us 

CWOLA Special Education Liaison: Tracy Gilkey (tgilkey@cwls.us) 

CWOLA ELL LiaisonNatalie Friend (nfriend@cwls.us) 



Edmentum Courseware Overview 

  • Courseware Learning Overview 


    CWOLA Schedule and Login Information 

    Students will be able to see their scheduled classes in Power School beginning on August 26 

    In order to access classes on the Edmentum platform on September 2, students will need to: 

    • Make sure they are logged into their CWLS Google account                                    

    • Go to the Clever login under Student Links and click on the Edmentum logo   

    • All courses the student is enrolled in will appear on the Edmentum dashboard 


    • Go to https://login.edmentum.com 

    • And login from Clever there (you will still need to make sure you are logged into your CWLS Google 


    Daily/Weekly Structure of CWOLA 

CWOLA is an environment where your child will be moving through the course content on their own within the pacing set by the teacher. This allows more flexibility for your child to explore the lesson, complete assignments, and develop questions for their teacher during assigned teacher office/support hours. While students have the daily flexibility to work anytime and anywhere, the classes follow a calendar with firm start and end dates and students are strongly encouraged to login and participate daily/weekly. Students are provided pacing and target dates to assist as they work through their courses which will also be tied to their attendance.? 

To be Successful in this Online Environment 

  • Complete ALL the Tutorials assigned and take notes (Guided Notes are sometimes available) 

  • Complete ALL the Practice Activities assigned 

  • Complete ALL the Discussions assigned 

  • PASS each Mastery Test with at least an 80%. If you receive less than an 80%, the Mastery Test will be LOCKED. If you go back to the beginning of that section and 1) Complete all the tutorials and 2) Complete all the practice activities, the Mastery Test will RESET and you'll have an opportunity to REDO the Mastery Test. This procedure will highly increase your chances of passing the POST Unit Test because these are a practice and preview to the POST Unit Test.?***You will have 2 attempts to pass the Mastery Test until you are officially locked out**  

  • Complete the Course Activity, if assigned. 

  • Complete the Unit Activity, if assigned. 

  • Take the POST Test  

CWOLA Attendance 

Attendance record keeping is provided to CWOLA by tracking student logins on the Edmentum platform and by students completing assignments according to the dates and pacing provided on the platform. Due to the nature of online instruction, CWOLA students are not confined to attend school or access their course work at a specific time of the day. Therefore, the parent/guardian should monitor their student’s daily online accumulated hours and completion of lessons, assignments, quizzes and tests to assure their student does not fall behind during the semester.  


CWOLA Grading 

Grading will be done on the Edmentum platform and grades will only be entered in Power School at interims and the end of grading periods. Parents/Guardians will be given an Edmentum Family account to check progress. The district is still working on getting this set up. 

Who will be facilitating and monitoring my student’s CWOLA courses and tracking progress? 

CWMS and CWHS teachers will be involved in monitoring and supporting all courses. Due to current circumstances, each school building may be utilizing staff in different ways to best support all students. Although content teachers (math, English, Science, etc.) will be the teachers offering instructional and content support, other staff members may be assigned as your student’s contact for coordinating help and assistance. 

*Office hours for each subject area will be shared by individual schools and available on the district website* 


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities 

CWOLA is full-time online learning, which means it is home-based. This gives parents additional responsibilities for providing instructional support, monitoring student engagement and progress, and communicating with teachers if your student is strugglingAll CWOLA courses are grade-level specific and may not address already existing gaps in a student’s skill set so it is important that a parent or guardian: 

  • Provide the organization, structure and motivation a student needs by establishing and managing the online school daily routine 

  • Support the student with navigating technology and the online learning platform as needed 

  • Monitor student learning and comprehension of content--support the learner with clarification and encouragement or help them seek that support through the school contacts 

  • Provide ongoing guidance and encouragement 

  • Encourage social activities outside of online school  


Who Do I Contact if I Have Technology Issues? 

  • If students experience issues, they should reach out to their teachers for quick troubleshooting.  

  • If those teachers are unable to provide support, the students/parents should reach out to the correct email address listed below and the tech department will work with them to resolve the issue.  

     is necessary to get service done on the Chromebooks, an appointment will be made for the student/parent to drive to their school building and exchange it for a loaner device while repairs are being completed, and return again to retrieve their repaired device. At no time will they enter the school with this process. The technician will greet them in the student drop-off area and conduct the exchange. 

    Grades K-2 Indian Trail ITTECHHELP@CWLS.US

    Grades 3-5 Winchester Trail WTTECHHELP@CWLS.US

    Grades 6-8 Middle School MSTECHHELP@CWLS.US

    Grades 9-12 High School HSTECHHELP@CWLS.US

    If it is PowerSchool related – please use this link (also on our website):



    Special Education Services 

    Students on Individualized Education Plans  

An Intervention Specialist will be assigned to students on IEPs. This teacher will communicate the details of the support, in accordance with each student’s IEP, with the student and parent(s).   


Students on Section 504 Plans 

CWOLA teachers will be informed of students who have 504 Plans. They will ensure accommodations from the plans are in place and followed.  


English Language Learner) Services 
An ESL teacher will be assigned to students needing support. The teacher will communicate the details of support with each student qualified for ELL services. ? 

Testing Requirements 

All students in the district will be required to participate in all required state and local testing. This may require students to take some assessments in a face to face environment.   


  • High School CWOLA students will be notified of Ohio End of Course (EOC) assessment opportunities in late October/early November for Ohio’s December administration window.  CWOLA Juniors will also have an opportunity to take the ACT exam in February.