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8th Grade Washington DC Trip

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The planning for the 2023 - 2024 Washington D.C. trip has begun! It is our hope that this experience will significantly add to our students’ appreciation of history, heritage, government and diversity.  The 8th graders will be traveling to Washington D.C. Tuesday, May 21 - Friday, May 24, 2024.  The trip cost of $745.00 will be made directly to Martin School Travel.  Payments cannot be made until after the first parent meetings in September, 2022 in order to gain greater understanding of payment schedule and process, student expectations, medical considerations and requirements, as well as fundraising opportunities. 

From now until May 21, 2024 you will find announcements and payment schedules for the upcoming D.C. field trip at this site. I will be posting the dates of our first parent information meetings in the near future!!   You must attend one of these meetings if you intend to send your student to Washington D.C.!!! Students will not permitted to attend the trip otherwise!!! There are many important details that must be completed before we leave.  Stay informed and up to date by checking this site weekly.  Scroll down to find all future announcements.  Thanks.
DC Trip Coordinator
Payment Schedule: Payments will be made online at a site provided by Martin School Travel.  The site will be given to each student by their Social Studies Teacher on the day they turn in their signed permission slip!!  Permission slips are due prior to the first payment date Oct. 1, 2023. Payment dates and amounts due are listed below:

1st Payment - October 1, 2023:  $200.00 ($100 of this payment is a non-refundable deposit)
2nd Payment - November 19, 2023:  $270.00
Final Payment - January 21, 2024: $275.00

Important Updates!!

Posted - April 12, 2023

Final 8th Grade Parent Meeting for students attending the Washington D.C. Trip
Parents there will be a meeting in the Middle School Gymnasium on April 24th at 7:00 PM to discuss final details prior to our departure for Washington D.C. Key topics that you will not want to miss will be discussed such as:
  • Arrival/Departure time the morning of the trip
  • Medication requirements 
  • Dress Code
  • Phone usage
  • Return Time
  • Any additional questions that you need answered.
This meeting is required, so please be certain to have someone present at the meeting.

Posted - December 12, 2022

As 2022 is coming to an end, I wanted to reach out one final time to remind folks that about 30 students have turned in a permission slip for the Washington D.C. field trip, but parents have yet to sign these students up on the We Travel website.  All students attending the trip must be registered on this site by December 31st prior to midnight to be able to attend the trip.  It is required that everyone pays the initial $100.00 deposit whether you have participated in fundraising or not.  Without this account being established by you for your student there is not an accurate head count for the Martin travel or myself to schedule from.  Additionally, without your student's account being established I have no way of crediting fundraising money to them.  Lastly, anyone not officially signed up by the 31st of December will not be permitted to attend the trip.  Here is the link you need to get registered and make your $100.00 deposit.  You can pay more if you like, but please, if you intend to go you must make the first payment of $100.00.  Thanks 

Posted - October 24, 2022

On Saturday evening I sent an email to all students and parents concerning a fundraising opportunity that begins today. Please be sure to check your email and check in with me for any questions.  The email is listed below........

Our second Washington D.C. Fundraiser is set to begin on Monday October 24th. This will be an online only sale of Glow Scented Candle products. The Fundraiser's official end date is Friday, November 18th. Students wishing to participate in the sale can set up their own account via this link. Students will need to know the fundraiser ID to set up their accounts.  It is.....208041

After the student set up their individual accounts, they will be able to share the link with potential customers via email. The customers can then shop on the site, make payment and have the products delivered directly to their home!! Again, all sales will be made online, students will not have to collect money, there will be no order forms to fill out, and product will be delivered to the customer's home.  It is also important to note that due to this being an online fundraiser the profit percentage for the students is 40% not 50% so send the online shopping link to all of your friends and family.  
Near the end of the customer purchase, they will be prompted to add the student's name that they are purchasing from. If this is not done the student will not get credited for the sale.  So be certain to remind customers to include your student's name and the fundraiser id number.  

Please feel free to email me with any questions!!

Posted - October 19, 2022

The Granola from the Stoller Latitude 40 Fundraiser has arrived. 
Everything is prepackaged in boxes for each student.  If students have their order packaged in more than one box it may be easier to plan to pick them up at the end of the school day.  Otherwise, students should have no trouble carrying the one box home on the bus.  Should you decide to pick the order up use the following instructions.
*If you plan to pick it up prior to the end of the school day, report to the front office and they will call your student's Social Studies Teacher who will then deliver it to the office.  
*If you arrive after 1:35 report to the office and then you can walk down to your student's Social Studies teacher's room to pick up the order.

Posted - September 21, 2022

Stoller Latitude 40 Granola Fundraiser:
Fundraising order forms were passed out to students on Tuesday, September 13, 2022 during the school day.  To be clear, students were reminded that fundraising for the trip was voluntary.  Students who requested a order form received one. The fundraiser runs through the 30th.  Forms need to turned in to Mr. Phillips on the 30th along with the money collected.  

Posted - August 10, 2022

Washington D.C. Parent Information Meeting:

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, September 6 and on Monday, September 12 in the Canal Winchester Middle School Cafeteria at 7:00 P.M. to enable parents to gather information about the 8th grade field trip to Washington D.C. Parents who intend to have their students go to Washington D.C. MUST attend one of the two meetings!!  This is different from past years, but to ensure understanding of all parent and student expectations for the trip it has become a necessary requirement.  If you cannot attend one of the two meetings, you will need to schedule a face to face meeting with the trip coordinator to enable your student to attend.



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