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What if I can' t remember my login info? Click on FORGOT MY CREDENTIALS

Can I just make a New Account? 
No the system will not let you create a new account if one has already been established for your student. DO NOT TRY TO CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT

Still need help email bkrueger@cwls.us or call 614-920-2635

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Fill out Student Information Form

Fill out Student Health History

Fill out Transportation Form

· ***IF your student in grades 7-12 plans on trying out for a school sport please go ahead and fill out the Athletic Form

What if I don’t have computer access? All school buildings and the Education Center have computer kiosks available for your use. Paper forms will not be handed out. Any questions please contact canalwinchesterschools@cwls.us OR call 614 920-2635. Thank you

What if I submit the form and realize I’ve made a mistake? Please go back in change the information and SUBMIT again. Please do this anytime a phone number, email or any other information should change during the school year.

What if my cell phone # or email have changed?  Login to your account and change the information and click SAVE & SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to save the changes.

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