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Student Protocol for Reporting Threats

Student safety is our top priority.  We have many procedures and protocols in place to keep our students, staff and visitors safe.  The concept of “See Something, Say Something” is what we strongly believe in.

What is a threat?

A threat is an expression of intent to harm someone.  Threats may be spoken, written, or gestured.  Threats may be direct or indirect, and need to be communicated to the intended victim(s). 

A threat could be heard through conversation, seen written somewhere, received via text messages or seen on social media.  When in doubt assume it is a threat!

What threats should be taken seriously?

Ø Potentially dangerous or emergency situations with a child or adolescent.

Ø Threats or warnings about hurting or killing someone or a group(s) of people

Ø Threats or warnings about hurting of killing oneself

Ø Threats or warnings about hurting or killing people on school grounds or at public events

Ø Threats to run away from home

Ø Threats to damage or destroy property

What do I do if I hear or see something?

Ø DO NOT repeat it, repost it, or talk about it.  Tell a trusted adult immediately.

Ø Document it, take a screenshot and give that information immediately to a trusted adult.

Ø Tell the adult specific and accurate details about WHO said it, WHAT time and WHERE.

Ø Reports can be made through the Canal Winchester Student Help Line located on front page of our website. (Bullied Speak Up! Student Help Line CLICK HERE)

If you hear or see something that may be perceived as a threat or put others at risk please follow the above protocol.  If you DO NOT follow the above protocol or spread information that is false you may be disciplined according to school policy and it will be turned over to law enforcement.  It may be considered an act of inducing panic and cannot be tolerated.

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