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The Superintendent of Schools shall strive to achieve District goals for students by providing educational direction and supervision to the professional staff and supervision to the non-teaching staff and by acting as a proper model for staff and students both in the school and outside the District.

The Superintendent of Schools is the chief executive and administrative officer of the Board. The Superintendent reports directly to the Board, has all powers and duties imposed upon the office by statute, and has all executive and administrative powers and duties in connection with the overall operation of the school which are not required by statute to be exercised directly by the Board or some other officer. The Superintendent exercises leadership through school administrators who comprise the Leadership Team.

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Families,

Our mission is to Empower All Students for Success by providing our children with educational opportunities and career pathways for their future. On May 7, 2019, Canal Winchester Local Schools will ask voters of this district to make a very important decision regarding our mission and to help maintain the facilities of Canal Winchester Local Schools. 

Key points:

= Renewal of existing tax levy will not increase school tax rate

= No NEW taxes since 2009 (10 years) with the passing of this renewal (15 years)

= The renewal keeps the 12.5% state tax rollback in place,  which means the state will continue to pick up 12.5% of your school tax (like a coupon). If the renewal fails and a NEW levy is placed on the ballot the 12.5% rollback or discount you are getting is no longer available. So you would pay the full amount of school tax instead of reducing your school tax by 12.5%.

This levy will not increase your school tax rate. It’s simply a substitute emergency renewal of an existing levy. 

But what does that mean?

Substitute - Allows the district to receive additional income from new development, residential and commercial.

Emergency - Official ballot language meaning the levy is for a FIXED dollar amount, no more no less, and FIXED amount of time ($6.2 million per year for 5 years) Again emergency is a formal and legal term for a fixed dollar amount levy. It does not mean there is a financial crisis.

Renewal - Simply a renewal of the current existing levy and it will not increase your tax rate.

Just an FYI….The official ballot language you will see when you vote does not include the word RENEWAL, it does however include the word EXISTING.  

Canal Winchester is a great place to live and raise a family, and we believe our school system plays an important role in our community’s success. In Canal Winchester Schools, education starts with high-quality teachers in the classroom, caring families, and a community that is willing to support the work we do every day.  

For more information about the LEVY RENEWAL, please contact me or Nick Roberts, Treasurer, at the Canal Winchester Schools District Office, (614) 837-4533.


James Sotlar, Superintendent

Superintendent James Sotlar
James Sotlar
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