School Closings & Delays
District Procedure
If it is necessary to close or delay school, the Canal Winchester Local School District will attempt to make this decision as early as possible. Once a decision is made to close or delay school, the information will be shared with the parents as quickly as possible.
The Canal Winchester School District, in an effort to improve communications between families and school, has implemented an automated phone calling system. This program allows the immediate notification to all households and parents, by telephone, of any critical or unplanned event that will cause school cancellation, delay or an early dismissal. The school will continue to use radio and television to broadcast school closings and delays due to weather. Please be sure your phone numbers are current and on file with the school district.  To make changes and updates contact the building office secretary.
When school must be closed, the opening delayed or an early release because of inclement weather or other conditions, the school will notify local radio and television stations.

In the event school is placed on a morning delay, early release or closed, follow one of these patterns:
Two (2) Hour Delay - All school start times and bus stop times will be pushed back 2 hours.  (For example if your bus time is 8:15AM then add 2 hours for a 10:15AM bus stop time)  Please see the detailed building schedule to the right.
Early Dismissal – Early dismissal for inclement weather will automatically cancel all after-school activities. Only high school activities scheduled for 6:00 p.m. or later may be permitted depending upon a radical weather reversal judged safe by the high school principal and superintendent.
Cancellation of the School Day – Depending upon a radical weather reversal, evening activities may be permitted determined by the building principal and superintendent.
Please note that on days schools are closed or dismissed early due to inclement weather there will be no CW Recreation practices or games.
Each of the local television stations offer a school closing/delays text message program that sends closure/delay information directly to your telephone. Click on one or more of the following links:
Channel 6:

NOTE: According to the State Department of Education, only five (5) school days may be missed due to calamity. Schools are required to make up any days beyond the five (5) school days missed. Designated make-up days are listed on the school calendar.
As always, communication is vital during any adjustment in the school day. Parents will be informed as quickly as possible. If you have any questions about the district’s communication plan in this situation, please contact the District Office at 614-837-4533.
Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Cancellations and Delays

A decision to keep schools open or close for inclement weather is based on a careful review of several factors including:
Information from the transportation staff, administrators and local police and township personnel. Careful consideration is given to the most dangerous roads in the district. Although your street or road may appear clear, travel elsewhere in the district may be dangerous. The opposite may be true as well.
  • The current amount of snow and/or ice accumulated.
  • Whether conditions are worsening or improving.
  • Weather forecast. Our decisions will not be based entirely upon weather predictions, but they are taken into account.
  • Building conditions as it relates to electricity, heat and water.
  • Parking and sidewalk conditions. We keep in constant contact with our maintenance and custodial staffs to be certain all school locations are safely cleared.
  • Temperature and wind chill. We do not publish a specific temperature or wind chill at which schools will be closed because different sources can report different air temperatures.
  • What other school districts are doing. We share information with other local school districts and check on their status.
The superintendent of schools is responsible for the final decision, based upon the factors listed above and recommendations from key staff members.
The delay and/or closing process is challenging. It takes nearly a half-hour to notify all of the area radio and television stations, vocational schools, private schools dependent upon transportation as well as latchkey and pre-school providers of our status.
We make every effort to make our decision by 5:15 a.m. or earlier so radio and television stations can be notified. If we wait much longer to announce a delay or closing, parents may have left for work leaving their children home unsupervised or taking them to babysitters.
The decision made at 5:15 a.m. is based upon the information we have available at that time. Our early morning decision cannot be reversed without endangering students and staff. Once we make the decision to keep school open, many parents rely on it and leave for work. Students sent back home may return to unsupervised bus stops and empty homes.
Please know that we do our absolute best to keep our students safe during inclement weather. There is no perfect decision for everyone. If you do not feel as though it is safe for your child to attend school, use your best judgment on whether he/she should attend school. Please discourage teenagers from driving in bad weather conditions and offer them alternatives if the weather conditions worsen.
Delay Information
Our automated system is used to better communicate closings and delays with families, we always post information with local TV stations if you happen to miss a call.

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